Health Advocacy and Geriatric Care Management Services

HEAL provides expert care management delivered with compassion. Our health advocates and geriatric care managers promote clear communication, efficient problem-solving, seamless care coordination and management across health care providers and care settings to enhance your quality of care, and reduce the overall burden, worry, and cost of care.

We offer an innovative approach to empower you to understand, and negotiate complex health care systems to achieve high quality treatment for acute and chronic health care problems. Based on many years of professional health care experience and education, we are able to analyze the current patterns of care to anticipate and prevent problems, troubleshoot issues, and assist you to navigate through an uncoordinated, fragmented health care system.

Specific services include:

  • Coordinating specialized medical services, removing obstacles to quality care, and facilitating communication across care providers and care settings.
  • Assisting with elder care needs’ assessment, coordination, planning, and quality care monitoring.
  • Advocating for you to ensure that you are a competent, well-informed, empowered partner in your own health care, and that you are able to knowledgeably participate in shared decision-making with your health care providers.
  • Coaching you to identify and minimize your health/safety risks, and achieve healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Guiding you to find the best doctors, and receive the best treatments available.
  • Accompanying you to doctors’ visits to provide direct coaching, support, and advocacy.
  • Delivering information to help you understand your medical conditions, test results, treatment options, and medications.
  • Providing hospital advocacy services to ensure that you are NOT on your own during a hospitalization. We provide support, education, and advocacy to enhance the safety and quality of your hospital care, and to support your transition to home.
  • Assisting with chronic, long-term care support, care oversight/management, and communication between family members and health care providers.
  • Facilitating communication with health care providers about illness-related issues, and decision-making related to advance planning/living wills.

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