“Cautious Patient” Meetings

Posted on May 20, 2013

Consistent with the mission of HEAL, to empower patients to get the best health care possible, we are coordinating cautious patient groups in the Philadelphia area.  We started the first series of meetings this month.  Cautious patient communities are groups that meet together to learn more about being responsible and effective advocates for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Dr. Carolyn Oliver started Cautious Patient Communities (CPC) on the basic premise that, “What you don’t know can hurt you.” The CPC meeting goals are: 1) to inform people of problems and pitfalls in the healthcare system; 2) to teach people how to find the information they need and, 3) to coach people to interact with the system effectively to get quality treatment and to achieve the best outcomes possible.

HEAL is coordinating the local CPC meetings. Our first group had 8 participants ranging in age from 23 to 70 plus.  We covered topics such as; how to communicate effectively with doctors, how to get accurate and understandable medical information and how to be respectfully assertive when the medical staff doesn’t listen to our concerns.

The shared experiences provided wisdom, support and valuable information. Knowledge is power!

These groups are offered at no charge.  Call HEAL (610 520-1079) today for more information.