About HEAL Advocacy & Geriatric Care Management

HEAL is an independently owned, values-driven, health advocacy and geriatric care management agency. We are committed to providing expert care coordination and management delivered with compassion.
What services do we provide?  HEAL provides a unique blend of Health Advocacy, and Geriatric Care Management services to seniors and adults. HEAL cares for a select group of adults by providing exceptional care management tailored to the needs and goals of the clients we serve.  HEAL health advocates and geriatric care managers provide knowledgeable care oversight, efficient care coordination, and compassionate support during both acute medical crises and chronic medical conditions.

How We Can Help?   We complete a comprehensive assessment to identify your overall needs, medical problems, and priority care goals. Based on this assessment, our advance practice nurses provide you with personalized care coordination and management to reduce your burden of care, and improve your health care outcomes. When you are ill, feeling overwhelmed, and need help the most, you can depend on the expert services of HEAL.


HEAL was founded by Dr. Arlene Houldin, a doctorally prepared nurse with over 40 years of nursing experience. Dr. Houldin’s passion and commitment to provide exceptional health care came from her experiences with the obstacles that both her patients and family members faced when searching for competent, compassionate health care.

Dr. Houldin personally oversees your care. Starting with the comprehensive assessment of your needs to the careful monitoring of your treatment and health outcomes, Dr. Houldin works tirelessly to ensure that you receive high quality care.

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About Our Founder

Dr. Arlene Houldin is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania (BSN, MSN) and Temple University (PhD).

In her most recent position, Dr. Houldin was the Nursing Director of Palliative Care Services at Philadelphia VA Medical Center. For the past 20 years, she was a member of the Standing Faculty, Clinician-Educator, at University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing. While at Penn, Dr. Houldin directed the Adult Oncology Nurse Practitioner Program and served as Psycho-oncology Consultant to the Abramson Cancer Center. Currently, Dr Houldin is an Associate Professor Emerita of Psychosocial Oncology Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing.