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About HEAL Advocacy & Caregiving

HEAL is an independently owned, values-driven, health advocacy and geriatric care management agency. We are committed to providing expert care coordination and management delivered with compassion.
What services do we provide?  HEAL provides a unique blend of Health Advocacy, and Geriatric Care Management services to seniors and adults. HEAL cares for a select group of adults by providing exceptional care management tailored to the needs and goals of the clients we serve.  HEAL health advocates and geriatric care managers provide knowledgeable care oversight, efficient care coordination, and compassionate support during both acute medical crises and chronic medical conditions.
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HEAL Health Information Blog

Patient Advocacy: Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery

Over the past couple years, fewer patients are receiving post-surgical rehab after hip and knee replacement surgery as reported in the 12/14/15  Philadelphia Inquirer article, with many patients skipping physical therapy entirely. This is a concerning trend, since practice is changing without rigorous study to provide information on the effect of the decrease in rehab support on patient outcomes. After joint replacement surgery, decisions about rehab ought to be individualized to take into account the presence of other illnesses, patient’s cognitive functioning, and the ability of family members to assist with post-surgical care. As a patient advocate, I counsel my own clients to have thoughtful conversations with their surgeons before surgery to discuss the...

Knowledge Is Power

It’s important that you know what is documented in your medical records, since well-informed patients are more likely to take better care of themselves, adhere to prescribed treatments, and be more proactive about their health care. For many reasons, what you hear from your doctors during office visits or hospital stays, and what is actually recorded about you in the medical records may be quite different.  Medical records can influence your care, reimbursement, and eligibility for benefits.  So, it is useful to know what is actually documented about you. See relevant article in NY Times. Undoubtedly, you will encounter some resistance to sharing your medical information. “The person with the least access to data in...

When Considering Assisted Living Facilities: Two Essential Items

At the point when family’s worries grow about the home safety of an elderly loved one, the search often starts for suitable assisted living facilities. There are many useful guides with  criteria and checklists available to assist with this search. Most often the search criteria focus on location, cost and reputation of the assisted living facilities. However, before deciding on an assisted living facility, consider two often overlooked elements that may directly impact the quality of elder care: advance directives and licensed nursing coverage. First, advance directives are important since medical decisions will most likely need to be made about the treatment of acute and chronic conditions while at the assisted living facility. It’s...

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